About Me

I'm 24 and live in Istanbul, Turkey. I'm a Computer Engineer and currently studying Master's Degree on Computer Engineering at Bahcesehir University. I'm interested in Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning. I am Full-Stack Web Developer and Software Developer. I am currently available for Web Design, Web Development & Software Development.

My Skills

Front-End (HTML5, CSS3)
Back-End (JavaScript, NodeJS)
Database (MySQL , SQLite , MongoDB)
iOS Development

I make fast, responsive and dynamic websites. Mainly i use Bootstrap as my front-end framework. For back-end i use NodeJS and ReactJS. I upload my project on my personal GitHub account and also, I am currently working to build a portfolio which will be uploaded soon, sorry for the inconvenient 👽.

Throughout my Bachelor's Degree, i made every project using Python. I am developed my Python skills in several areas such as Data Science, Desktop App Development (PyQt5), Web Development (Django), Machine Learning Applications (TensorFlow), Web Scraping (Selenium) & Databases.

I also developed several iOS mobile applications, using Swift. My experience and knowledge in this section is intermediate. I built Weather App, Several Game Apps, 8Ball App and so on. My portfolio will be released soon.

Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are the topics that i have huge interest in. I want to develop my skills in these areas also.

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